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Do you need to use a microscope to study a watch? GREUBEL FORSEY'S MICRO LIGHTNING NEEDLE


And also being worn by ordinary people, this kind of watch should also be donned by Ant-Man or the locals of Lilliput. The upper half the dial is an eccentric hr and minute dial. As well as exposing the escapement steering wheel system such as the balance tyre at 9 o'clock, gleam very special device: the micro lightning needle " small" second dial verticle with respect to the surface. The key place is that the brand knows Everybody has bad eyesight, so they reflectively attached a 23x magnification device . to the top of the crown with 9 o’clock.

The name of the watch is Foudroyante EWT (Experimental Watch Technology). " Foudroyante" refers to the super second hand. Usually the second side moves one distance each second and circles typically the dial once per minute. Typically the lightning second hand divides a single second into equal areas. And it runs in pouncing seconds. Some people also call up it femtosecond. Common versions include 1/5 second, 1/6 second or 1/8 second. Jaeger-LeCoultre's Duometre, Habring2, Girard-Perregaux, etc . have all done the idea.

The turbo second hand is usually equipped with any timing function. When the moment is started, the super second hand will move synchronously. Since it requires very repeated and rapid continuous whipping, stability and durability are tough achieve.

Concerning GF's Foudroyante EWT, their lightning second hand is made of small components using micro-mechanical executive. It is directly driven with the escapement wheel and advances every 1/8 second, which has a vibration frequency of 36, 800vph. The brand says in which compared with traditional lightning small needles, it consumes 1, 500 times less energy along with takes up 96% less area, making full use of the electrical power and limited surface room of mechanical watches.


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