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Do you know how to view corner betting odds in football betting? Nowadays, various forms of online football betting have brought many opportunities for players, including popular options like over/under, Asian handicap, European odds, and 1X2. Therefore, it's worth trying your hand at corner betting. It's something new and exciting that can bring a fresh perspective to your betting experience. This article from Wintips will help you understand everything you need to know about viewing corner betting odds. So, pay close attention!

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Understanding Corner Betting Odds

Corner betting odds, also known as "Conners" in English, is a form of online sports betting where you only need to focus on the number of corner kicks that occur during a match, without concerning yourself with the match's outcome, whether it's a win or a loss.

This type of betting is popular because it's simple to understand and has a high success rate. It allows you to quickly turn a profit. Corner betting odds are considered one of the easiest and most popular side bets in the betting world.

Types of Corner Betting Odds

There are several types of corner betting odds that you can choose from, including corner kick totals, corner handicap, corner over/under, 1x2 corner, the team with the last corner kick, and the team with the first corner kick. Each of these bets comes with its own set of odds and possibilities, depending on the specific match.

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How to View Corner Betting Odds

Viewing corner betting odds is relatively simple since you only need to make a prediction. However, there are two basic types of corner bets that you should understand before you start betting: corner over/under and corner handicap. Let's take a closer look at how to view these two types:

Corner Over/Under Betting:

In corner over/under betting, the bookmaker provides an estimated total number of corner kicks that they expect to occur during a match. Players can bet on whether the actual number of corner kicks will be over or under this estimate.

For example, in a match between Manchester City and Fulham, the bookmaker sets the corner over/under odds at 6.75 corners. Here's how to interpret this:

If you bet "under," you win if there are fewer than 7 corner kicks in the match. If there are exactly 7 corner kicks, you get half your stake back.

If you bet "over," you win if there are more than 7 corner kicks in the match. Again, if there are exactly 7 corner kicks, you get half your stake back.

Corner Handicap Betting:

In corner handicap betting, the bookmaker sets a handicap between the lower-ranked team and the higher-ranked team in terms of corner kicks. Players must predict which team will have more corner kicks based on the handicap.

For example, in the Manchester City vs. Fulham match, the bookmaker offers a handicap of 0.5 corners in favor of Manchester City. Here's how to interpret this:

If you bet on Manchester City, you win if Manchester City has at least 1 more corner kick than Fulham during the match. If the corner count is equal, you lose your bet.

If you bet on Fulham, you win if Fulham has an equal or greater number of corner kicks than Manchester City. If the corner count is equal, you win your bet.

Tips for Winning at Corner Betting

Here are some tips from experienced bettors that may help you succeed in corner betting:

Analyze Past Matches: Keep track of how many corner kicks each team typically earns in previous matches, as this can provide valuable insights.

Wait for the Right Moment: Don't rush into corner bets before a match starts. It's often best to observe the game's flow first.

Consider Home and Away Factors: Teams may have different corner-kicking tendencies when playing at home versus playing away.

Team Strengths: Teams with strong attackers and wingers are more likely to earn corner kicks.

Match Importance: The significance of the match can impact the number of corner kicks, as teams may push harder in crucial games.

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Remember that corner betting is a fun and potentially profitable side bet in football. By applying these strategies and understanding the odds, you can enhance your corner betting experience. Good luck!


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