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Empwr 2023

The Empwr Disability in Business Association (EDBA) exists to connect leading employers with top business students who belong to disability community and those have committed themselves to disability allyship. 

Business school students - both those who have a disability and those who want to equip themselves as disability allies in the workplace - are invited to register for Empwr events. In addition, undergraduate business students in their junior or senior year, recent MBA grads, and current non-MBA graduate students interested in business careers may attend most programming. Employers are invited to become Empwr Partners & recruit talent at the November Diversity Recruiting Super Day (Virtual) and the March Disability in Business Conference.

For too many modern businesses, "disability inclusion" means legal compliance. But that's the kind of outdated, short-sighted perspective that has led to the status quo. Organizations worldwide are losing out on some of the most innovative, loyal, and under-utilized talent on the market: people with disabilities.

The disabled population makes up approximately 25% of Americans - making it the largest U.S. minority group - and yet is only represented by around 5% of self-identifying employees at mos top firms. In addition, the disability community is rarely supported or empowered in the way other underrepresented groups are. Until now, there has been no organized national effort to connect disabled business students to leading employers, and there has been no national group dedicated to advancing opportunity for these students.

That's where Empwr comes in.

We're changing the game - engaging some of the nation's most venerable companies to bring elite professional opportunities to a group which is generally met with closed doors (the kind without an automatic open button). Empwr is excited to bring disabled business students, MBA student allies, and employer representatives together to create impactful connections. Empwr's November 2023 Diversity Recruiting Super Day be held virtually, while the February 2024 Disability in Business Conference will take place in person with recordings of select sessions made available virtually after the conference.

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